Dust Masks

Dust is one of the playa’s biggest nuisances. Even though it’s an important part of the burning man experience, it’s also important that everyone has some way to avoid breathing too much of it. We’re going to bring cheap dust masks, to give out to anyone who looks like they need it.

Home Made Chocolate Liquor

Normally we would prepare the liqueur, temper it, and then let it crystalize. However, given the temperature conditions the chocolate will have to sustain, we just dispense it as “chocolate shots.” One of the great benefits of chocolate shots is that preparation time will be easily halved since we don’t have to go through the tempering and molding process. We’ll use edible spoons (graham cracker based) to prevent moop.

Portable Ashtrays

Last year we brought small pocket ashtrays that we gave to members of our camp. They were so successful — to the point where people are still using them off playa — that we decided to do a bulk order, with our camp logo printed on them instead of any branding, to distribute on the playa.

It’s our hope that this contribution will be a meaningful one — that it will not only help keep butts off the playa, but also off the grounds of the cities and parks everywhere.

Rainbow Glasses

Simple diffraction lens glasses that make the playa look even more magical at night!