Outdoor Games

Asparagus Forest is building a back yard in the front yard. We provide the games (and the booze), you provide the drunken stupidity!

  • Cornhole (also known as Backyard Toss, Baggo, Bags, Bagz, Beanbag game, Beanbags, Bean Bag Toss, Chuck-O, Corn Toss, Hillbilly Horseshoes, Lawn Toss, Soft Horseshoes, Tailgate Toss, Testicle Toss, and The Bags Game)- imagine skee ball but with bags instead of balls.
  • Ladder Golf– the PVC makes it playa approved.
  • Horseshoes– lets chuck metal things across the yard!
  • Bocce Ball– this is mostly so we can make ball jokes.
  • Asparagus Jousting– ah, who doesn’t remember growing up and playing asparagus jousting? Come and relive those childhood memories!
  • Kanjam– wait, I think I need to google this one.