You know you’re building something entirely for the joy it will bring when you find yourself shrugging off spiralling costs of express part shipping.

Skyscreen is a staggeringly large rotating LED art piece that spins 3456 LEDs at about 120 RPM. We measure the rotation speed as it increases, and as the LEDs start to blur a computer works out their position and redraws the LEDs to form the pixels that make up the giant circular display.

Jaz and the mechanical wonderment

The first prototype of Skyscreen’s mechanical heart.

We’re currently looking for people to write patterns. These are simple, visual programs that react to a couple of dials that people can use to play with the colour, shape, randomness and any other element of your pattern you think should be interactive. We’re also planning to get the beat of an incoming audio source to vary these dials automatically, which will turn the Skyscreen into a music visualiser. We run two patterns at a time and can mix them together to keep things interesting.

Two Skyscreens are being built:

The first lives on top of our dome at camp as a beacon and expression of who we are and what we do. It will also light the inside of our dome in an extremely unique way: no bright boring spotlights inside, no point sources sweeping across your face. Just an etherial, even, warm glow that you’ve never experienced anywhere before.

The other is mobile. It’ll be doing the rounds of the Playa making things just that little bit more magical for burners, as well as dropping into various camps at night to visualize what the DJ is playing and help make the party even brighter.

Wanna help write some patterns? Get in touch!