Indeplayance Day BBQ

For the past two years we’ve held an early week party to celebrate the completion of build and, oddly enough, the awesomeness of Australia. Continuing the tradition of early week day partying, Asparagus Forest will be hosting a day of games and food with the feel of a backyard BBQ! These festivities will be timed to start as other camps finish their setup, providing a great way for people to meet their neighbors while relaxing from the hard labor of setup.

Food will include your backyard staples: burgers, corn on the cob, hotdogs, pickles, and various other Americana (with an Asparagus twist).

Australians will be patiently teaching the noble Commonwealth game of cricket. We’ll be (mostly) following the ICC backyard cricket rule set.

We will also have all the other amenities of our camp open for your enjoyment.

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