Past Events

Asparagus Jousting

At various points throughout the week we challenged people to Asparagus Jousting, which basically consisted of riding at each other with foam noodles.

There’s really not a lot extra to say about this. People came to our camp and we hit them with noodles! Prizes were given out at random depending on our moods.

DTF (DownTempo Fiesta)

An eight hour extravaganza of chill downtempo and smooth trip hop music presented by Asparagus residents and special guests. Special guests as in fellow Burner DJs as opposed to famous superstars flown in from Prague. Featured cocktails (Desert Mules & Pickle Dicks) were served to keep guests libated as they groove.

Asparagus Forest is deeply committed to delivering under-represented musical styles and providing our guests with the swankiest Thursday afternoon of their lives.