Our Camp

Asparagus Forest has traditionally been at 9:45 and E, a neighborhood we absolutely love.

We bring 45 members each year and have a total membership of 90. Our members come from all over the world, but have a clustering in San Francisco and Sydney.





In 2013, 14 brave souls from the San Francisco Bay Area and Sydney ventured forth into the deserts of Nevada and built their own little section of Black Rock City.


The first year of Asparagus Forest (at the time Asparagus Burn Camp) was a wild ride. 4 long term burners and 10 virgins, using borrowed equipment from another camp (thanks Camp Charlie!), made their first appearance at 9:45 and E.


This year the camp returned to 9:45 and E. It also grew considerably, both in members and infrastructure. All told we had 39 members (plus some honorary members who we tried to kidnap into our camp).

This was a major infrastructure year for us. We built our 4 funky monkey huts, 4 bike racks, an epic tyvek dome cover for our 30′ dome, playatech pews and shelves, a pig roaster, and an assortment of other needs. Basically, we went from a bunch of friends to a real camp (of a bunch of friends).

This year we also contributed much back to the playa:

  • Held the first StrayaDay, and Australian themed party to celebrate the completion of the building of the city. We may be the first camp to ever cook kangaroo on the playa (this has not been fact checked).
  • Held a pig roast and gave over 90lbs of pork away.
  • Excessively stocked our bar, and we did everything in our power to remedy that.
  • Provided a chill area in our dome with a mellow sountrack, giving people a place to relax between the constant party of the sound camps.
  • Repaired costumes, handed out coloring books, and occasionally threw chocolate at people (in a loving way).


This year our focus has shifted from infrastructure to art and culture. Since the year is still ongoing we’ll have to keep this up to date.